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It only takes a quick trip to the world of subreddits and Facebook groups to verify these users exist. Certain that they can't all be maniacs, I went searching for these people. I trawled forums and asked around, and I even spent more time with my own classic Macs.

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And to my surprise, I found that most of the people who cling staunchly to Mac OS 9 or earlier as a key component of their daily—or at least regular—workflow actually have good reason for doing so. The reasons some Mac lovers stick with OS 9 are practically as numerous as Apple operating systems themselves.

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There are some OS 9 subscribers who hold out for cost reasons. Computers are prohibitively expensive where they live, and these people would also need to spend thousands on new software licenses and updated hardware on top of the cost of a new Mac.

But many more speak of a genuine preference for OS 9. These users stick around purely because they can and because they think classic Mac OS offers a more pleasant experience than OS X. I'm alluding here specifically to the way OS 9 handles multitasking. With classic Mac OS multitasking, when you want to change apps it's up to the active program to relinquish control.

This focuses the CPU on just one or two things, which means it's terrible for today's typical litany of active processes.

As I write this sentence I have 16 apps open on my iMac, some of which are running multiple processes and threads, and that's in addition to background syncing on four cloud services. In this sense, OS 9 is a kind of middle ground between modern distraction-heavy computing and going analog with pen and paper or typewriter. These justifications represent just a few large Mac OS 9 user archetypes. What follows is the testimony of several classic Mac holdouts on how and why they—along with hundreds, perhaps thousands of people around the world—continue to burn the candle for the classic Macintosh operating system.

You can even set the virtualization software to open in a full-screen space on your Mac, so you can swipe on a trackpad from High Sierra to Mavericks and back.

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How to run old software and games on your Mac

I have some serious doubts that anyone is performing major productivity tasks on the classic Mac OS, but there are several options for emulating those old versions. MinixMac is a basic emulator of very old macs, and I was able to get lots of my Mac OS 9 software up and running in the SheepShaver emulator.

A more likely use case than writing your next novel in WriteNow on System 6.

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I have a bunch of stuff trapped in old database files that I was able to access last week for the first time in 15 years. Beyond eBay, of course, consider just keeping your old Macs around after you buy new Macs.

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Old Macs that seem dog slow on the current version of macOS will seem much faster when their hard drives are wiped and replaced with an older version of the operating system. Which it is, in a way. But after a few years, what was old and outmoded becomes historic, maybe even classic.

Sharing Files and Programs in Mac OS 9 - dummies

Internet communities that build emulators of old software and hardware are vital to allowing the people of today and tomorrow to understand what computers and video-game consoles were like in the early days. Occasionally a company will donate source code to a computer museum , but often times legal reasons make it impossible for software to be made publicly available.

In this way, I think we actually have to thank Apple for changing the license for macOS in so that it certain versions can be freely virtualized. That probably means that, long after the Mac has vanished and the devices we use no longer use Intel-compatible processors, all the Mac software from this decade will survive in its own virtual reality.

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