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First of all, what is this software in the first place, though? To put it simply, this is a virtual assistant that makes it easier to place Betfair trades. A good piece of software will let you trade more quickly and easily than if you did it directly. They will have a fast link to the Betfair site built in to them. This means that the odds are updated instantly.

It also ensures that your bets are immediately validated as well. In some cases, there will be an automated trading option too. What that automated approach does is let you set the parameters for your trades. So, you can tell it to always place bets under certain conditions without any manual input. However, it is also important to note that this sort of automated approach can go wrong. If your software is automatically placing bets for you then it needs to get it right. Otherwise, it could lead to you losing a lot of money rather than earning it.

By the time you notice you could have lost a fair amount of cash. In terms of the looks, most of these systems are set up to look like the Betfair site. This means that it is easy to get the hang of if you have used their site before. This type of software will also typically include some extra information not available on the Betfair site. The inclusion of additional lines can really help you to see the bigger picture. The following are a few of the best Betfair trading software tools right now. This is widely regarded as being one of the top choices for in-play betting.

This tool comes from brothers Gary and Mark Russell. It lets you trade at Betfair directly from this software without entering the betting exchange. The Gruss tool provides a one-click betting approach.

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The official site puts a lot of emphasis on the speed at which it lets you trade. This is because it is mainly used by people who want to enter or exit the market speedily. However, if you use it with Excel then you can set it up to trade automatically for you. As always, you will want to take care when doing this.

BetexTrader - Auto Trading Software for Betfair

It can rack up big losses if you get it wrong. The Gruss Betting Assistant can be sampled on a free trial basis for 30 days.

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You also get a free Betdaq betting assistant included. This option is regarded by some people as being the best Betfair trading software. To date, it has been used for more than 8 million hours of trading. The software is set up to be similar to the Betfair layout. However, the addition of one-click betting makes life a lot easier for you. This can make all the difference in those trades that require fast and decisive action.

This is incredibly easy software to use right from the start. More positively, a practice mode lets you feel comfortable before trading with real money. You can get started with a 14 day free trial if you like. If you sign up with the Geek, keep an eye on your email. This long-standing peace of Betfair trading software was created by Peter Webb. There are three different options available now. The Professional version brings together a wide range of features.

This includes a powerful chart building feature. It also has the likes of football and tennis trading additions too. You can trade manually using Bet Angel. There is also the option of automated trading too if you prefer. It provides enough flexibility and ease of use to suit newcomers and also experienced traders too. There is also the chance to get a free trial. Bet Angel Basic is free to use but is probably just a starting point for a lot of people.

This stands apart from other trading software because it is browser-based. This leads to a fast, seamless process that you can enjoy anywhere you go. As with most Betfair trading tools, there is the option of automated trading. The grid interface is laid out similar to the Betfair site. However, an advantage is that you can see 5 prices instead of just the 3.

This makes a bigger difference then you might first think. A training mode lets you get started without any fear by using dummy money. The people behind BetTrader also say that they were the first to introduce the popular ladder interface. This is now seen on most of the best Betfair trading software systems around. In terms of cost, you can get started with a 7 day free trial. Unlike most others here, this software works on Macs as well as on Windows PCs. This Betfair software has a number of strong points working in its favour.

For a start, it is clearly laid out so that you can start smoothly. It also offers a range of varying functions, such as betting, trading and dutching.

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This product comes from the Binteko Software Company. Among the advantages of using it is the fast odds refresh rate. At 5 times per second, it is far swifter than Betfair, which is good news. There is a lot of information crammed in but it easy enough to understand once you get to grips with it. A 15 free trial is available if you want to try before you buy. The next piece of Betfair trading software for us to look at is called Cymatic Trader. This is a trading bot that lets you automate the process for better results.

It is a good all-rounder that was created in by a man called Gavin Porter. With it, you can set trade and bet parameters to meet your requirements very easily. As is typical with this kind of software, it communicates directly with Betfair. The fast refresh rates mean that you can trade quicker than you would on the Betfair site. There is a training mode on here. You can use Excel to build your automated trading strategy fairly easily. A 14 day trial lets you try before you buy, which is always recommended. One of the big advantages with Trader Line is that it can be used on a desktop or mobile basis.

This lets you work on your trading approach no matter where you go. One-click bets and fast refresh rates make it simple to use. The features are similar to those we have seen elsewhere. These include training mode, live scores, horse racing tools and Ladder interface. There are 11 customisable charts that you can use on here.

Bet Angel for Betdaq - Betdaq trading software

There are also specific football trading tools and dutching strategies available. All in all, it is a good, well-rounded piece of trading software. As you would expect, there is a free trial you can opt to begin with. This gives you 30 days free of charge. The final Betfair trading platform for us to look at is called MarketFeeder Pro.

This is another option that lets you try out the benefits of automated trading. The three main features they market are; market locator, triggered betting and time machine. Basically, you type in your instructions and let it go on with the business of earning money for you. The triggered betting option is probably the standout feature. This lets you link to Excel to set up your parameters.

The practise mode means that you can perfect your approach before putting on real money. Again, there is a free trial option. This lasts for a month. We having now looked at a few of the best Betfair trading software options. You have probably noticed that many of them are very similar. It is true that the majority of these trading tools have similar functions. Many of them look similar and even cost similar prices.

This makes it more difficult to narrow down your options, of course. To help you out, I have identified what I believe is the top option. The best overall Betfair trading software is Bet Angel, in my opinion. This is a solid, all-round package that does everything you could hope it do. As it has the most features, it give you the highest degree of flexibility. Next, you will also want to take into account the cost and value for money issues. Clearly, the less you pay for the service the better. Yet, it also makes sense to choose one that will make you more winnings. After all, it is a good idea to pay a bit more to earn more.

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FairBot - Ultimate Betfair Tool for Professional and Novice Traders.

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betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac
betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac
betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac
betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac
betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac
betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac
betfair trading software for mac Betfair trading software for mac

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