Price of a big mac meal uk 2013

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The most important shift in buying patterns is to drive reappraisal of the Signature range to make sure they maximise potential spend from those customers who can afford, and want, a more premium experience. No pricing information, just succulent imagery. This leverages a research insight that the first options we meet when making a decision, tend to be the ones we end up choosing.

Spending money feels psychologically painful.

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We tend to weigh the tangible relative loss of something in this case money more than we value the intangible equivalent gain the food experience. No pricing information. Feels good right? Just choose the picture you like. Facebook has just over 2 billion monthly users. Watch an example here. The result?

Why McDonald's Extra Value Meals may not always be a good deal

Menu categories are chunked into lists of 6—7 but more importantly, the main menus use just 6—7 focus items. Just 1 of these focus items are our traditional options, helping increase the odds that the other 5 or 6 items are chosen. Menu real-estate also tells an important story.

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Importantly, these meals represent a circa. Three choices, visually identical. Image source: McDonalds. The only similar looking items on the above menu, are the signature items. The impact? This visual device creates another cue to drive attention to the items they want to make a focus of the decision making process.

McDonald’s more expensive than average pub burger

Your frame of reference for spending gets anchored at a higher level and this create two outcomes for customers not switching out of their default purchase. We all know fast-food is bad for us and yet we still rock up in record numbers. In turn this will impact how long we will wait before returning. Notice no pricing or product information for the salad. Research has shown that the mere presence of healthy options ironically leads us to make more indulgent choices. It was interesting to see at one location recently the presence of a photo of a bottle of water and salad on the menu, with no pricing or ordering information whatsoever.

In this example, no pricing information and the highest priced breakfast meals are used as the cue. A complete redesign of the order and collection experience involves chunking the experience and offering new tools.

Breaking through the limits of value-engineering

Splitting ordering and collecting: do two queues feel better than one? Image source: Dailymail. One of the most exciting innovations that they now employ is queue chunking. According to the Associated Press , Killeen, alleging that she had been deceived by the chain, then filed a class-action lawsuit on the grounds that McDonald's was misleading customers by using the words "extra value" to describe meals that cost more than the individual items.

If diners choose not to read the menu in full, it's on them, said the federal judge.

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Maybe the case will encourage customers looking for a deal to read the fine print before ordering. One tweeter wrote that she, too, has been "fooled" by the price of a sandwich. Chicken muffin value meal at rm Mix and match at rm5. Obviously, we reported on its imminent arrival weeks ago!!

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Taste 8. Look 9. Price 7. Hot Super build Massive burger Classic taste. Not Ironically, bacon. Share This Post:.

The "Impossible" Big Mac Challenge DESTROYED
price of a big mac meal uk 2013 Price of a big mac meal uk 2013
price of a big mac meal uk 2013 Price of a big mac meal uk 2013
price of a big mac meal uk 2013 Price of a big mac meal uk 2013
price of a big mac meal uk 2013 Price of a big mac meal uk 2013
price of a big mac meal uk 2013 Price of a big mac meal uk 2013
price of a big mac meal uk 2013 Price of a big mac meal uk 2013

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