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How do I fix common Dota 2 FPS issues

Seemed redundant to do that, since I have the "unbindall" command in my autoexec. But I did it anyway, and after a few restarts later, everything just works now for no reason. That's the only two things I changed. I imagine there will be others who have this problem and you'll see this post some day and wish I could have posted exactly what I did to fix it.

Only thing I can suggest is keep beating at it and keep restarting steam, and restarting dota, and beat at it some more. Eventually, hopefully, you'll get it to work. Edit: only thing that scares me about this situation is that with all my keys unbound, if the game ever acts up again and doesn't load my autoexec.

If you have keys bound in options it causes problems if you attempt to bind keys via console.

A comprehensive guide to fix FPS lag in Dota 2 as well as increasing the performance/FPS

You should not do it. Always unbind the keys. Autoexec is only loaded when the Dota 2 client is started. Not when you play a dota match. It's a little more complicated than that. On a very fresh install, a simple autoexec.

So you just have to jump-start it by enabling Console, then enter exec autoexec. It will most likely work from then on. To make sure autoexec. GermanViet is correct here. But here's the thing: that's when Hotkeys in Settings are overwriting the cfg ones unless you set them as ALT-KEY - it happens at the start of a game, and it happens again at the end of the game!

For local games, you can workaround that by creating a listenserver. For online games, there is no other choice but to do it by hand or bind a hotkey to it ex.

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And a final note, the only Hotkeys in Settings that can't be overridden by cfg no matter what, are the Abilities it used to be more. Troubleshooting crashes Dota 2 Resources: autoexec. Panorama hotkeys NEW! And I used your suggestion by binding a key to exec autoexec but exec autoexec doesn't seem to work in regular game too. Have you been living under a rock? Forget about it, and use the GUI options for autoattack toggling there are several modes.

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You're all wrong: autoexec.cfg does NOT load automatically.

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    Autoexec for Dota 2 Guide - NEW 2019
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