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I chose to try it out with Strongspace. Strongspace is a web interface for a remote site where you can store data.

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I use it to back up some of my important files. Once launched, Fluid asks for a few bits of information. First is the URL of the website you want to give its own browser. Next is the name. I of course chose Strongspace, but I could just as easily have chosen some other name that makes sense, such as Offsite Backup. The default, logically enough, is the Applications folder. This is what will appear in the dock when you launch the mini-browser.

I used the default, which is Use Website Favicon. Again, this makes the most sense, because you likely already associate the favicon with the web app. After these four easy steps, you click on the Create button — and sit back and relax as your mini-browser is created. After being greeted with Success! Lo and behold, there it was — a new little program called Strongspace that takes me straight to the web interface. It has its own menubar across the top and its own icon in the dock. Once you get past the coolness factor, though, you might wonder just how useful this is.

If you were using Safari, for example, you might find that a misbehaving website in another tab crashes the browser and takes down your work with it. That is indeed a good explanation. But really, I just like the idea of clicking on Spotlight, typing in s-t-r, and hitting return to launch Strongspace. You can learn more about Fluid and download it right over here. But a new plugin for QuickTime called Perian has been gaining a lot of traction of late, and just might be the better solution.

Quickly and seamlessly open more archive formats than ever. Macworld has more in this review of The Unarchiver, which gives it a four-star rating. Enter Thunderbird 2, with support for tagging, saved searches, and online mail services. Macworld has the review. Gus Bendinelli dropped a line to let everyone know that his Mac freeware site is alive and well at a new address. He dishes out a freeware mini-review once a day, so it only makes sense that he calls it Free Mac App A Day. Lifehacker has a list of freeware alternatives to some of the apps offered at a discount in the MacHeist bundles.

The search is on for the perfect program. Speaking of Adium, learn even more with this extensive review at The Apple Blog. Gnome has an interesting comparison between MacJournal and Journler, both of which have freeware versions. MacJournal used to be only freeware, and created quite a fuss when it started charging. Then along came Journler to make us all happy again. A s soon as I got wind of this app, I knew I had to download it.

Through the magic of RSS, I finally got the chance. It allows you to create personalized Christmas cards. First, choose one of several festive templates that come with the program. Second, drag and drop a picture file of your choice. You can move it around and zoom in or out to your satisfaction. Third, type in a message. You can pick its size, colour, alignment and font. Fourth, export it to your desktop and—if you wish—send it by e-mail as an attachment. Be warned, though, that this is a 0. I wonder, for example, if they could make it possible to move the text.

Download PhotoCard and enjoy. T he last time we looked at KidiFree was in July. Since then, this freeware database from France has grown to more than programs. You can browse them en masse or by one of 10 categories.

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As I mentioned, KidiFree now has more than programs in the database, up from in July. Also changed is the interface. It does seem a little more refined and easy to get around in. They say each program has both French and English descriptions, but in reality this a bit hit and miss. Alligator makes you more widely use in the Podasitng world!! I speak French fairly well, so these English descriptions are more amusing than anything else.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem with KidiFree. It seems their database is not as up to date as it could be. I tried downloading Tuxtype, a program that helps you learn to type. It may not be the easiest way to find freeware, but if you relax and let yourself explore, it can be a lot of fun.

If you want to do everything from the keyboard, get Quicksilver. If you want to do everything with your mouse, try FlyGesture. This is one of those programs where a picture is worth a thousand words. The folks at Flying Meat have gone a step further and produced a movie that shows how you can use mouse gestures to perform tasks. The example they give is opening Safari. You open the FlyGesture preference panel and define a mouse gesture to assign to Safari.

This is indeed a very simple example. You can actually do far more complex tasks by chaining them together. You can create a single action, or chains of actions to be invoked by the simple movements of your mouse. Charles W. Read his review. A review of the DVD -conversion program gets four and a half mice from Macworld. Plus you get lots of nifty tips on how to use it. NeoOffice is getting more and more praise, and an increasing number of people seem ready to make the jump from Microsoft Office to this open source alternative.

It has a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database and drawing program all in one — even more than you get from Microsoft. Adium gets a glowing review from News.

Windows development/experimental version (0.3.3) file - SuperTux

How glowing? How about this for a sample:. Adium, by the way, is one of our Mac Freeware Idol nominees. We wrote about Scribblet recently, and mentioned a few others for good measure. But a reader suggested SketchBox in the comments, which got us thinking about this program again — because it really is unique. It allows you to create a series of stickies in various categories and store them in an interface similar to iPhoto. The categories are on the left and the stickies appear to the right. You can easily search for the one you want with a filter.

And you can double-click them so that they float just the way you would expect of a sticky. What makes these stickies different is that they come in three layers. There is of course the familiar ability to type in a note. But there is also a layer where you can sketch a picture using a tool similar to the paintbrush in drawing programs. The third layer allows you to scroll through days, hours and minutes to set an alarm and use the sticky as a reminder. Overall, SketchBox is very much a clever and attractive program.

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They especially like its ability to open pretty much any kind of text file. Not only that, but it outlines some of the rough-and-tumble times Mac gaming has gone through in the past 10 years or so. Overall, it appears that while there are some great open source games out there, they will never be able to compete with the advanced games you can get from commercial developers. So you can imagine that we have never considered the thriftmac collection to be complete without a freeware equivalent of this game. It has always seemed to us that it should be fairly easy to create a Snood-like clone.

You have a little shooter at the bottom that places various shapes inside a grid above. Get three or more of the same touching each other, and they fall down.

Clear them all off before they advance to the bottom and you win. So we got a little bit excited when we stumbled across a game called Pengupop. The first thing I noticed was that the download size, at 4.

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I not sure why, but this always makes me suspicious about the coding bloat used to create a Mac version of what was likely originally a Windows game. So I get the game on the desktop and guess what? I took this to be a bad omen. How much effort did they put into the Mac version anyway? Fortunately, the actual game graphics, while not as sharp as you might like, are for the most part pretty good. The penguin mascot is cute, and the shooter and the orbs have a fair bit of polish to them.

And — just like with Snood — you clear the orbs by grouping three or more. But then come the nagging shortcomings. It seems impossible to get those orbs just where you want them. In the end, it looks like our search for the Holy Grail of a free version of Snood will have to continue. Moore has an in-depth review of Bean , the new freeware word processor.

Macdevcenter has a nice review of Abiword, a Mac freeware version of Word. Quicksilver has gained a reputation for being one of the most outstanding freeware productivity apps ever. Here are a couple of links to help you decide whether you want to join the Quicksilver fan club:.

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Getting started or reacquainted with Quicksilver at 43Folders. Lifehacker reviews a bunch of them. The freeware blog editor Qumana receives an extensive review over at The Blog Columnist. The thriftmac Text section has been languishing of late, mainly because freeware text editors and the accessories that go with them have been hard to find. What stood our for me are the worksets. You open up a little window and add files to it. This becomes your workset and you can switch between documents by clicking on their names in the list.

You can then save the workset for future use. Other features of Eddie tend to be stuff that only hard-core programmers would appreciate, so be warned that it is not for the faint of heart. But the thing about text editors is that it all comes down to personal preferences and habits as to which you like best. In a strange turn of events, xPad recently became freeware.

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But how does it stack up against longtime freeware favourite Sidenote? Both apps are handy for stashing snippets, notes and pictures that may not have any other obvious place to go. So the question I posed for myself was this: could I do the same thing in xPad and how would the experience compare? The first thing I did was take a bunch of my Sidenote notes and put them in xPad. So far, so good. Next I arranged the notes into categories. Posted on: 03 Apr by A. The permanently active Push system offered by the new Google Chrome 42 Google Chrome version 42 comes with implementation of interesting options for software developers who want to turn their websites into complex Web applications: Push notification system which is permanently active.

Posted on: 17 Mar by A. Gamers, Microsoft presents the advantages of DirectX 12 and Posted on: 27 Jan by A. Game is available in the official repository. These versions are unstable development binaries of SuperTux containing features added since the release of the last snapshot. These are unofficial versions of SuperTux and are generally built by third parties. These snapshots are not all at the same point of development, and may suffer from bugs unique to their build. They are ideal for those interested in the most recent developments of the game but do not want or know how to build from the source code.

Builds of for both SuperTux and editor are available for Ubuntu.

supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac
supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac
supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac
supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac
supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac
supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac
supertux 0.3 3 download mac Supertux 0.3 3 download mac

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