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Filter List: Some search terms you might find useful: unlock characters faster spins character invisible teleport untracked unlockables. Your Cheats You are not logged in. While racing you press x,x,o,R1,R2 then press select 2x. Teleport Added 27 Jul , ID Untracked Added 27 Jul , ID Win the indicated amount of Gold medals in the World circuit to unlock the corresponding playable character.

Unlock Brodi: Win a Gold medal. Unlock Zoe: Win 2 Gold medals. Unlock JP: Win 3 Gold medals. Unlock Kaori: Win 4 Gold medals. Unlock Marisol: Win 5 Gold medals. Unlock Psymon: Win 6 Gold medals. Unlock Seeiah: Win 7 Gold medals. Unlock Luther: Win 8 Gold medals. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear a confirmation sound. Select Elise and start a course and she will have the Mallora Board and a blue outfit. Select any boarder at the 'Character' selection screen and they will be replaced by Mix Master Mike on the course with the ubers of the character that was originally selected.

Faster spins Added 2 Dec , ID When you arbout to go off a jump hold "x" and the arrow key s in the direction of the spin. Right before you get off the jump let go of "x" only keep holding arrow key s. While in the air you should be spinning like never before. Unlockables ID There is one more costume that this code doesn't unlock, the 'chrome costume', to unlock this one you need to complete the world circuit mode with a Master rank. Unlock Pipedream Course: Win a medal on all Showoff courses.

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ID If you put it in correctly you will hear a sound. Then choose any boarder at the character select screen. Start a track and you should be Mix Master Mike. He copies the Uber tricks of who he replaces. Note:Enter again to go back to normal. If done correctly you will hear a sound.

Choose Elise and start a course. Note: This only works for Elise. Enter again to disable. Perform the "??? By landing 4 of the same trick at one time, you will do the "??? And yes, that is the name of the trick. After this is done, the Fugi Board will be unlocked. It's the Best board in the entire game. It will allow you to perform the "??? Both far left and right are identical paths up soft hills and onto regular paths there are speed boosts here in racing mode. The middle path is a raised ice path with several soft hills.

Boost down the middle, and jump as high as you can off the ramp here. If you get massive air, you land onto the top of the rock formation that the normal path goes around! A steep hill later and you are back onto the left path, which is a soft hill through the final ice cave section. There are no shortcuts for the remainder of the track until the final jump with the massive fans. The whole upper path is much faster than the lower path, as a whole. Good luck on finishing this massively long race!

Yay for knockdowns giving you full boost. You won't be able to get a quick start, and you might have to reset the course until you're next to someone who has a comparable start to you. When you approach the cable, go ahead and use boost to get to it. You'll be able to get it back by tap-jumping while grinding the cable. This resets your boost meter to full if done right. As soon as you get to the end of the cable, do a Nac Nac. Do Uber 2 off the ledge in front of you. You'll want to aim in between the pylons and jump up the hill right at the gap in the fence.

If timing is good, you can do uber 3 and 4 in this one jump. I go in between the trees well right of the tunnel-tube entrance. Ahead is deep snow and a ridge. Charge a jump and do uber 5 off the edge of it slightly to the right. You may land on a secondary lower ridge, immediately jump it and do uber 6. If you manage to clear the secondary ledge from the first jump, then this gives you enough air to do 2 ubers anyway. At some point, you'll see a lone bush next to a tree. Right as you hit it, press select.

This will put you back on the main track near a turn to the left. Take the right path, then go through the red sign to the right. Hit select shortly before you reach it yes, it's cheap. I know it's cheap. You should find yourself approaching the bridge over the river. Go through the ssx sign on the left, down the pipe, you don't need to jump to cross the river. This will put you just past that first river-gap. Just after the right turn in the track, press select. You will be placed past the jump ahead. You should glide up on the far edge of the turn.

You'll be facing toward the arch down below on the right. Blast for it and press select when you get fairly close. You be placed underneath it on the icy path. By going up here, you'll be able to make the game register you as crossing the finish line, even though you are hundreds of feet away from it. You'll need to practice the perfect angle and you will need to jump the snow as there is an auto-reset boundary.

If done correctly, you'll cross the finish line in mid-air. The actual finish line will be way down below. Might take a couple of tries. You can get on it right at the curve which is tricky, because the bank shoots you up in the air, making it hard to aim , or on the right side of the straightaway after the turn this is easier to get on, but unless you turn sideways quickly, you're likely to fall off. Eventually you will get to a split level jump. Take the smaller one, and do an uber trick. Then do more uber tricks on the next several jumps. Bust through the sign and take the pipe.

Cut through the green flare area and try not to hit anything. A little bit farther up the course this shortcut is marked with a SSX sign way up in the air, but entering it here keeps you from having to jump. Go on top of it or on the railing, which I believe is slightly faster if you can do it , jump to the next structure, and from there onto the blue roof. Try to jump far enough so that you land on the downward sloping side. Ahead of you there should be a cable leading to the fence. Grind the cable, then the fence, then transfer to the pipe with the snowblower.

You should now be on a raised ledge running parallel to the main path. Don't they look comfy? And yellow? Crash through them and cut through the powder. Make a beeline for where the fence starts up again ahead of you. You know what to do. Grinding the twisty fence is slower than jumping off early and getting to the bridge.

If you can do this smoothly you will save a few seconds. There is a nasty polygon that can trip you on the right side, so be careful of that. Boost to the end and get an awesome time! Upon landing, swerve to the right of the moving platforms skipping them and slow down so you don't go flying over the jump.

Instead, ski down the jump and boost once you to the bottom.

SSX Tricky – Character FAQ

Aim for the snow ramp to the right and fly off of that. Boost down this until you come to the jump at the end with the trick bonus. Do an Uber off this jump and land on the ledge below and onto the ledges shortcut that you normally ramp up to after the first checkpoint. There are two ledges here, an upper and a lower ledge. You want to take the lower ledge and continue to boost without jumping across the next two ledges. You can bust Ubers off these ledges if you want.

On the last ledge, hit one of the rail-logs and boost off it back onto the main path. Skate along the left side of the embankment, and skate OVER the turn, beneath or in-between the billboards. This will take you to the area where there was a trick boost in the first SSX, except now it goes behind the crowd stands. Boost through the deep powder and back onto the main path.

After this section, you'll see a red SSX sign to the left of the entrance to the caves. Go through that, and it will lead you to another old section of the game. Cut through the forest and go down the embankment do an Uber and back onto the old shortcut area with the jumps over the chasms. After the third jump, grind the log to the left and onto the downhill wide right turn back onto the main path and go off the steep jump without jumping.

Look ahead and instead of going around the sharp banked right turn, bust through the red SSX sign directly ahead. This will lead to a flat area a slight upward slop a bit to the left ahead. Prewind and do a big trick off of that. Upon exiting the tunnel, look for a cable which you can grind which leads up to the billboards on the left side. Grinding this is easy if you turn you board horizontal to the cables. Boost all the way down this, bypassing all those walls and coming out on the other side. You must aim to go straight down the middle through the hole in the bottom of the sign. It's like threading a needle at 74mph.

I don't think there's anything easy about it at all since it's very hit and miss. Landing early helps maintain greater balance and translates to a faster takeoff once you land. Boost over all the hills without jumping and you should have one great time! It should carry you over the second hill, and you can do an uber while you're in the air. If done correctly, you should cut through the woods a little bit, rejoining the path right after the next turn. You can pull an uber trick in the air. This is far trickier than it was in the first game, and is where I screw up most on this track.

If you make it on, boost along it. Do not take the shortcut that you always took in the first ssx. Instead, stay on the main path, you'll go into a dip. Coming out of it will send you up in the air, you should be able to pull off an uber trick while you're up there. Stay close to the wall. Go through it. This part can be a little tricky; I'm still not completely sure how to handle it.

Just make sure you line yourself up straight as best you can, and stop holding forward. I'm pretty sure holding forward will always cause you to wipe out. If you mess up where the tracks jump, you can hit select, no biggie. If you make it through, upon leaving the cave you can pull off an uber trick you need to be watching your meter carefully to do this.

Instead of jumping over the river, jump down inside it a couple of points about this: don't jump too far across the river or else you will crash into the far wall.

It can be really hard to get your forward momentum in a new direction. There are a couple of spots in here where you will wipe out just for going over them. Have fun finding them. I think you can do an uber trick here, although I usually screw up if you do one successfully, you now should have tricky. If not, you can always do one of the two upcoming jumps in the canyon. Once you hit the trick boost, head off the course slightly to the left.

There should be a billboard in front of you, try to go between the legs of the billboard. Keep heading straight until you rejoin the course at the turn right before the part where the path splits and repeatedly crosses over itself. I don't know which one is the fastest. If you know, then tell other people. Knowing is half the battle, after all. You want to head to the right of all the trees; here you'll find a little shortcut cut through the rock.

Head down this until you get to the end. Do another Uber in the air, then crash through the skylight. You need to jump at the end of this in order to make it to the next building, but jump early. The goal of all that is to reduce your speed slightly. Once you're on the building, continue straight ahead. Do not boost, and do not jump off the end of the building. Do another Uber while in the air. If everything goes according to plan, you should land on a downward slope which will give you plenty of momentum to get over the hill in front of you.

If you've been boosting, more often than not you'll land on the upslope of the bump, lose all momentum, and it'll take you a couple seconds to get back up to speed. Continue down the path, angling towards the left side of the course. The goal is to go between the pole and the building so that you lose as little time in the turn as possible.

If you like, you can go through the fake wall shortcut here, but I don't. Off the path to the left, there is a lamp post, you want to be just to the right of it and aimed at the gap between the fence ahead of you on the left, and another lamp post on the right. Shoot through the gap.

I usually do a tap jump here as well, otherwise when you land you can get bumped around really badly. Do another Uber off this jump. I have no good suggestions on how to do this reliably, save practicing. Get the speedboost if you can, but mostly avoid obstacles. Those garbage cans can be REAL annoying. At the last rooftops, boost off it, and do your final uber trick while you're falling. I don't like the shortcut where you jump off the fence into the building; instead the object is to board down the path on the left hand side keeping as straight and quick of a line as possible.

So, just left of the building, just right of the fence, just left of the building and if you're really feeling daring, go between the building and the pole. You can either just let yourself drop, then bounce quickly off the snowbank before hitting the icy path and hopefully the speedboost, or you can try tap jumping at the very top in order to skip the bounce.

It's your call. You can try to do another tap jump here, or you can not bother it's the same basic situation that you just had. You might need to practice this alley, as it's hard to get a feel on how to not crash into the building on the right, or the other building on the left, or the garbage cans. Once you come out of the alley, rejoin the main path. Ride the curve here and ski onto the 1st floor of the parking garage. Once you get on the downward ramp part, head towards the left. Jump so that you land on the building ahead and to the left, that has a pipe on it. Get on the pipe, do a boost jump off of it to get sucked into the UFO.

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From the angle you teleport in at, you want to start heading approximately 45 degrees to the right, if my memory serves. This should give you a path that's running roughly parallel to the main path. Dodge trees, and try to avoid inclines so you can keep your speed as high as possible. Eventually there will be a group of trees fairly close together on your left, with one of them just being a fairly tall stump.

Ahead the snow should turn into rocks, then there's a drop into the frozen riverbed. Jump the rocks, landing in the river. You can just as easily jump clear over the river and land on the main path. You should be going too fast for the powder to slow you down, so feel free to cut dogleg corners by going off the path a bit. Your goal using this path should probably be between and 3 minutes flat. But more on this later. Go around this curve, and bust an uber at the jump at the bottom. If you're having trouble, there's a speedboost to the far left side, which should give you significantly more air time.

The fans are your enemy. You hate the fans. They blow you up in the air, slowing you down A LOT. Go into the big blower tube thing, and do two ubers while you're floating upwards. Do another uber while in the air, although it'll be real close. If you can get two off, wonderful, you have tricky. If you can only do one, after you land you'll be in a zigzagging valley thing with tackling dummies.

You should easily be able to get that last uber off of the sides. You don't want to mess with any of this. Go forward and to the left. You want to go up the bank right before it starts curving back towards the center. Hitting it in the right spot should let you keep most of our speed instead of fighting your way up a hill , while not being pulled back onto the course.

Ideally, you want to be on the snow, far enough to the left that you bypass all of the annoying obstacles of the course, but not so far that you end up on the metal which is slower , or that you need to lean against the hill to stay on the snow also slows you down. You shouldn't need specific instructions for any of this, just stay to the left and keep your speed up. On the next lap, you're going to want to do mostly the same things, with the exception of how you get down onto the ground after the big fan.

Just get back down and onto the left side as quickly as possible. Two things to keep in mind for this board are A it's a circle that you travel counterclockwise on. That's why you're always sticking to the left, because it's shortest path around, and B riding the rails is not faster.

Sure, you go a lot quicker, but you're going a lot quicker on a much longer route. Start off, get a KO if you must, and just keep riding. In the speed bump area, make for the left and hit the buttons to raise the ramp. Jump early off the ramp or you won't make it in the hole. I don't have a good place to jump yet because it's all instinct to me, maybe halfway up the ramp would work. In the fan jump, do some stuff to make sure your boost is full. Hopefully, you will land on top of the arrow signs without falling off. Take either rail, but I prefer the right rail because it is easier to get on and is less distracting.

I often fall off the left rail at the first dip because the rail is camouflaged against the snow. Ride the rail, and boost only when you get to steep inclines or when you need to jump from one rail to the next. When you get to these areas, I recommend that you turn your board sideways so that the chance the board will land on one of the catch rails is the highest. Continue this until you see the glass level below you. From here to the end of the lap, there is only one rail that you can land on to continue up on this level.

But if you can manage to stay on, the rail leads to the highest window and you will fly up above the arrow signs again. Repeat steps if you stay on the rail and steps if you fell off at the end. On the last lap, intentionally fall off the rail above the speed bump section. The height of the rail window will cause you to crash before you get to the finish, giving the other racers about 5 seconds to catch you. Emergency Exits: If you fall off the rail at any point before the button-commanded doors, there is a way to get back on. The earliest way to get on the rails is if you missed the ramp jump in the beginning.

If you missed the ramp, go through the normal doors, and when you are at the highest point of your jump. The next way to get back on the rails is after the first pop-up poles section. Instead of going up the button-commanded ramp, go around it and up the ice ramps to the rails there. They both connect to one of the two starting rails, and at this point it doesn't matter which one you get on. The next point is inside the hole you would go in if you did take the button ramp. At either end of the fork here is a fan jump.

If you boost, aim for the direct middle of the fan, and jump just before you reach it, it should take you up on a rail. Again, turn your board sideways for the best chance to land on the rails. All the other methods involve either riding the tubes from the beginning to the end, jumping off fans and landing on rails by pure luck, or ramping off embankments with more luck. Be careful after starting the race that you do not barrel out at the first turn. It is much trickier this time and harder to avoid. Through this glass tunnel is a ramp at the end. This is critical shortcut number one.

If you've managed to fill your boost, you can do two Ubers off this jump. This second underground shortcut spits you out in the valley between elevated ramps, right before the jump over the large billboard. If you jump over the billboard, or ski to the ramps on the side, the mouth of the face should open. This is the second crucial shortcut. This shortcut is more difficult to maintain this time, but it's absolutely key to getting a great time.

This is your marker - once you get past this, press the select button to reset past the ENTIRE shortcut and to the end of the race! Again, use of this is discretionary, but if you see people with times below , this is how they did it. Unfortunately, you must navigate those annoying floating ice platforms at the end of the race, but you can easily get a great time using this route! Get a little bit of boost. You're going to want to fill up your boost meter as quickly as possible.

There are two good ways to do this. Either catch up with someone and punch them down, or if you hang back a little bit in the gates, everyone will hit the ground before you, and when they get in the middle they will crash. If you plow through them while boosting, sometimes you can score a cheap knockdown without falling yourself. If you feel like it you can jump up onto its side rails by using the little dip at the right turn, and then boost jump off the end which will take you to the elevated path.

I don't do this, because I have a hard enough time with the beginning as it is. But I'm fairly certain this is faster, and you might be able to get an uber in there. Do an uber here. Do two ubers in the air. This is usually kind of tricky, as its hard to hit, and you should be going very fast.

If you manage to get on it, turn sideways, and boost up the first part of it. When exiting the pipe for the upper path, you have to be careful not to go too fast which will launch you directly over the path , or have your balance too far to the left or right. For the second one, I usually just tap jump and ride through the bottom of the chasm for the rest of this, but I've never actually checked to determine the absolute fastest path.

Usually after a tap jump, you'll be headed right for the side of the cliff; twist yourself around so that you land sideways on the cliff, then speed down and to the right. Or left, depending on your perspective 7 Continue down the trail, doop de doo, till you get to the jump. Aim for the big white mound, try and jump clear over it while doing an uber. After landing, proceed along this icy riverside path as quickly as you can without falling in.

Do the little jump in the middle, and at the end, pull another uber I'm not Sure if every character has ubers quick enough to do here, it's a real close call. At several points during the moguls, you can do an uber. Find a place, then do an uber there, which should finish your tricky gauge. At the bottom of the moguls, hop along the snowy islands then take the rail and the top path through the caves if you can.

If you fail loser take the left path, go through a big hole in the wall at the top of a bank in the ice caves, etc etc etc. I really hate these ice caves, and I also hate trying to describe how to get through them. So: if you took the left path, there's a hole in front of you to the left. Go through it, it saves some time. Then finish the sucky sucky caves. Rather than zigzagging back and forth along this icy path, just boost through the snow down the right hand side.

Keep as straight of a line as you can, and rejoin the path right before the jump. I prefer to land on the left side if possible. Proceed along the path, until you get to the hairpin turn thingy. Instead of going through the turn, jump off the track to the right just before the tower. Chances are you'll smack into the tower, roll through the powder a little, then right yourself, cutting out the turn. Take it slowly to avoid being launched into the air. Take the right hand path at the split.

Go through the little cave, and when you come out take the center, or the left path. Just get through this as quickly as possible. There's a small hill ahead, again make sure not to get a lot of air. Then you enter the caves, with yet another hill that you want to make sure not to get a lot of air on. Or, you can jump too early, turn upside down, hit your head on the floor of the chute, have your limp body drag along the body for awhile, then be magically righted when you get to the top, and boost down to the end.

This is harder to do, and I do not know how to do it consistently. That's it. Most times with this route should be under A perfect run should be around 4 minutes even. Good luck. Starting off, aim for the rail that comes out of the ground by the yellow cushions off to the left. Once you are on the rail, do as many tricks as you can and still have room to boost and jump off at the end.

Once you boost and jump off the end of the rail, do two quick Uber tricks. If you land on the rail again, jump off and do a character Uber. Once you land you should have about K if not more. As you land, crash through the blue shortcut sign. Now you have two choices that affect the score you can get, and the amount of time you spend getting it. Basically, there is the quick version and the long version. Do an Uber through this snowflake and then ski to the right and off the next cliff. Once you have landed, go medium speed over the next ramp to the left and do a character Uber through the yellow snowflake.

Once you land, turn around and hit the rail in between the two hills and ride it backwards up the hill. Once you have done that, aim for the rail on the right and ride it backwards up the hill, jumping just as it crests over the hill. Do a double misty with a character uber and regular uber through the orange snowflake for K, then press select. This will warp you back down the hill. Once you are there, make your way towards the right hill and jump OFF the main track to the right, making your way towards a stand of trees. Go through these trees and jump off the ledge - you are trying to hit the red snowflake, but you will not be able to see it when you are jumping, so this part takes practice.

Do two quick Ubers through the red for about K. After you land, press select and you will be reset to the main track. Aim for the yellow off the orange ramp ahead and continue the track normally. With a perfect run on this route, you will have 1 million when you reset after the red snowflake.

Once you land, go off the next ledge and hit the orange snowflake, doing a character uber and regular uber you may be able to do three Ubers if you get enough air. Once you land, make your way to the right ramp, slowing down and do a character Uber through the orange snowflake. Once you land, catch the rail that comes out of the orange ramp and ride it backwards, jumping over the ramp and doing an uber backwards up the track.

Once you land, make your way normally through the blue shortcut sign and into the "untracked" area of Garibaldi.

Stay to the left here and after you go over a few rises, jump off the ledge, into the same red snowflake mentioned above - on this route you can get more air and do a Hand in Hand along with a Sad Sack for about K. Once you land press Select and you'll be reset back onto the main track.

SSX Tricky One Million JP

With this route you will have about K, but it is much faster than the other route timewise. After you reset from the red snowflake, boost and jump off the orange ramp ahead, catching the yellow snowflake and doing two Ubers. After you land, press select to place you on the right side of the track and go through the red sign. Catch the rail as slow as possible and ride it, as you get to the top of the rail, use the right analog stick and "sway" to the right a bit. Prewind and jump off at the very top of the rail do not ride it all the way to the end. Do a double misty character Uber through the red, landing back on the regular track for about K.

After you land, head for the red and white rail ahead. Slow down considerably before you try to grind it, and if you jump onto that helps as well, because you may pass through it as though the rail wasn't solid a lot of the time. Once you are on it, boost off the end and do at least a character uber and regular uber through the red. If you get enough air, you can do three ubers for almost K! After you land, look for a rail on the right that comes out of the ground and leads up to billboards.

Grind this rail through three rails and across the track, jumping off the billboard at the end and doing an Uber through the orange snowflake. Once you land, make your way to the yellow snowflake around the corner off the orange ramp ahead. Do three Ubers through the yellow and land for about K. Over the next two jumps, you can do two Ubers through the orange snowflakes for about K apiece. After the criss-crossing section of the track, do two Ubers through the orange off the ramp and catch the rail below. Do a two Ubers through the orange and after you land, ski to the left and do a quick uber off the hill and catch the orange.

Make your way toward the orange on the left ahead. Go half-speed and do a character uber through the orange. As soon as you land, turn sharp right and drop off the track to the path that leads below the bridge. Ahead you will see a red snowflake ignore the orange. As soon as you land, press select to get back onto the main track. It is possible to jump off the ledge before the stone and catch the red with two Ubers, but extremely, unnervingly difficult, heheh. Ahead, boost and jump off the yellow ramp, catching mad air and doing three Ubers through the yellow snowflake for about K.

Ahead is another stone platform area. Get on the rail that is close to the ground and sway to the left at the very last second and jump. You should get enough air to do two Ubers and catch the red above the stone ledges for about K. Once you land if you have enough time, do Ubers off the sides of the track here before you head for the final snowflake. As you head for the final jump, try to approach a little off-center and then aim your jump back towards the middle. You should get enough air to catch the red with an Uber and a character Uber for K.

After you land, immediately veer to the side and attempt to jump onto the rail on the side of the track. If you do land on it, boost up it backwards and jump off doing two Ubers. Once you land, you can jump off the big ramp again, through the yellow and do two more Uber tricks. Cross the finish line and brag about your 2. Out of the gate, ride the rail through the blocks, do some spins and flips to build up boost. Don't turbo at all, jump off the very end and do two ubers paddle wheel or faster works.

You'll land at the top of the little hill, jump immediately and do another quick uber. That's 3 ubers to start with. You should have K points easily by here 2. Go through the blue glass, turn left and do a flip and uber through the yellow flake. Then, after doing the uber through the yellow flake, do another uber on the way to the rail with the 3x flake off the little embankment. Ride the rail in front of you and do big uber off through the orange flake.

If you do it right, you can hit the red flake off of this rail. How to get the red flake: Get on the pipe at the start. If executed right, you can pull pirouette grind and paddle wheel, landing through the red flake for more than K points. Cut hard right to the other side of the main path, turn forward, and uber through the 3x there off the jump two ubers. You can actually do an uber through the yellow flake on the left side, turn around, come back down the right, and do an uber through the orange flake. If you time that one right, you can even drop onto the pipe in the middle and do another uber off the end of it.

You'll still have plenty of time for the next checkpoint. Uber twice through the 2x off the jump, I don't turbo here since I want to make Ride the rail, turbo as you get to the end slope, jump off and do a quick uber through the red flake to the far side of the course. You could turbo through the jump straight ahead and sometimes hit the red flake any trick to making this consistent? Two ubers through this flake three is possible if you take off right. Ride the cable on the right fork through the 3x flakes and over the signs, do a quick uber off the last sign.

Okay, here's the split. I'm still working on this. If I try the pipe to the 3x flake, I always go too high. Instead, I turbo hard through the jump to the 2x flake and get 3 ubers before landing. Go through both crossings, getting the 3x flakes with at least one character uber sometimes two smaller ubers. Boost through the jump 2x flake and do 2 ubers. I never manage to hit this rail, I need to work more on getting centered. If you hit the rail I think you can only do one uber or maybe two quick ones , doing pirouette grind and paddle wheel with Kaori just barely lands on the ground.

If you miss the rail, uber through the left yellow flake, ride the rail to the orange, and line up for the ramp ahead with the orange flake. Gun your turbo. Really gun it, and hit a character uber and a quick uber. You need a ton of speed and a well-timed jump to get them both off, otherwise do two small ubers. I go to the left, avoiding the stone structure and doing 2 ubers over the jump. There's a rail to the right over the corner. Get on it and gun turbo, jump just in time to hit the 3x flake and do a character uber. If timed right, you'll drop and feel like you're going to hit the ground which is dropping away below you but you'll manage to land it.

Big rush the first couple of times. Line up for the ramp ahead. Do a couple of character ubers or 2 quick and one character uber through the yellow flake. Line up for the left ramp ahead. Do 2 quick ubers through the yellow flake. Turn hard left and drop down to the icy path below; turn around and back up if you need more running room. Uber through the 3x flake ahead. Come around the corner for the final jump. Aim for the white between the two red stripes on the jump, gunning turbo and jumping just as you get to the very top of the jump--prewind for backflips.

If all goes well you'll hit the red flake, doing 3 ubers through it for K points! Believe it or not, after practicing for a while you'll go from always hitting the yellow to often going over the red flake. Repeat until your boost is full. Okay, if I go to the right here, I always overshoot the Orange Snowflake maybe not using the kicker could help?

Make a hard right and go through the Red SSX sign. Get on the rail but don't boost on it. Jump off and do a misty with a scooter through the red snowflake. Immediately after landing, hit select to get back to the main track. Line up for the next rail and brake right before it to make sure you hit it. Try and get on the cable and ride it, grabbing the orange snowflake in the middle. Jump off at the end and do a misty with a Sad Sack, landing on the fence for a combo bonus.

I can't do this consistently, but try and do a misty sad sack off of the right-hand wall sorta wall-ride to get a few points. If you can, try replacing one of the hand in hands with a walking the dog. If you land on the rail very hard to do , jump off and do a trick through the orange.

Jump off of the left hand kicker and do a triple misty with a sad sack to a walking the dog through the orange snowflake. When you land, you'll see a rail with an orange snowflake in front of you. Grind it. This is tricky. Get on the two rails on the right and do small spins in between them for a combo bonus Jump off of the right-hand kicker here and do a double misty sad sack to a hand in hand through the orange?

Get on the rail on the right and do a double misty scooter to hand in hand off of it. Do mistys and rodeos before the finish line until you start running out of time, at which point you cross the finish line. Out of the gate, make for the right rail. Do a Hand in hand through one of the yellows ahead.

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After you land, take a sharp right and ski up the embankment, and then back sharp left so that you are cross-cutting the regular track. What you basically want to do here is use the steep embankments on this part of the track as a halfpipe and go back and forth doing ubers off of it. Since Snowdream doesn't have that many snowflakes, it is important to find lots of places to do regular Ubers. Spend about 30 - 45 seconds here doing tricks and then head back onto the regular track.

Ahead you will see a sharp right turn with an orange off the side. Use the steep turn bank as a ramp and catch the orange, doing a Sad Sack. Once you land, press select and reset so that you have enough room to get the orange off the ramp ahead. Do a character uber through that orange. Go down the track until you see an orange rotating over an embankment. Be careful of your speed and timing, or you may jump over this snowflake. Do a character Uber through this orange, and as soon as you land, press select and you will be transported further back in the course. Do a character Uber through the yellow off the orange ramp ahead.

Down the track you will see a narrow orange ramp. Jump off this ramp and either do two ubers or a character uber through the yellow a long jump away. Continue and jump off the orange ramp ahead, getting enough air to catch the orange snowflake floating above the yellow. Do two ubers through this snowflake. Ski around the corner and do a long jump off the regular ramp ahead, aiming for the yellow snowflake on the left side.

As soon as you land, look for an orange ramp with a longer extension ramp coming out of it. Jump off this extension and do a character uber through the orange above the lightpost. After you land, make for the blue sign ahead in the center of the track. Get on the rail as you crash through the blue sign. Ignore the orange snowflake and instead prewind and boost off the end of the rail, doing a character uber and catching the red snowflake at the very end.

As you continue down the track, do Ubers off embankments if you can. As you go over the next ramp, try not to get out of alignment with the orange ramp up ahead. Go off this ramp and do a character Uber, catching the orange snowflake. Ski down the ice path and hit the second orange ramp, doing two Ubers through the yellow snowflake. Go down the path and jump off the ramp, doing a Hand in Hand through the yellow snowflake. As you land you will see a small gap with a yellow up ahead.

The trick to getting that snowflake with an uber is to jump and bounce yourself off the gate, doing a quick Sad Sack through the yellow. After you land, immediately turn around and jump onto the lower section of the track. Get some good speed going and jump off the orange ramp and catch the red snowflake up ahead, doing two very fast Ubers. After this, use the steep embankments to do Ubers if you can. Ignore the narrow orange ramp ahead, and instead line yourself up with the jump ahead with the red snowflake.

Jump off the very end and do two Ubers for a nice score. Ahead, do an character Uber off the narrow ramp on the bridge and if you have any remaining time, do small misties and rodeos to take up time. Cross the finish line and marvel at your score! From the beginning, get on the middle rail. Land on the rail and boost off it, prewind and do two Ubers and fly through the orange snowflake off the rotating ramps. Go around the corner and do a Double Misty with 2 quick Ubers off the next ramp, grabbing the orange.

You have to skip the rail to do two, but it should net you about K altogether. After landing, skip the orange ramp ahead and instead, go around the right turn and jump off the left turn embankment ahead. If you get enough air, you can do two quick Ubers off the embankment. After you land, ski around the corner and go towards the ramp ahead where you would normally jump to get the yellow.

Instead of jumping through the yellow, turn completely backwards and aim for the rail coming out the ground on the left. You have to pay close attention to your timing on this: if you just too late you will fly too far and you will be auto-reset and the jump won't count. So push Select and reset yourself back onto the track. After this, do a quick Uber off the ramp ahead and grab the yellow. Skip the shortcut to the right - there's only one yellow snowflake on it.

Boost like mad off the end of it and jump at the VERY end. You'll catch a red snowflake here with enough time to do a character Uber and a Hand in Hand. BIG points - K. Over the next section, you should try and do Ubers off the steep embankments. If you are lucky, you can catch a yellow snowflake and Uber twice more off the second embankment.

Somehow I always manage to do this part different every time, but you get the idea, I'm sure. After this you come to the turn with the large billboards. You can grab a yellow above a billboard if you ski off the embankment right, but it's not easy. Over the next few turns manage flips if you can. Now you are at the big ramp area.

I usually skip the yellow snowflake before this to get enough speed to catch the red in the center of this ramp structure. Do two Hand in Hands if you get enough air for about K. Now you have a choice: cut through the sign to the left or go through the cave. I recommend taking the red sign shortcut.

Because it saves you time that you can use on the high-scoring halfpipe later in the course! Instead, do Character Ubers over the two jumps to the right, and ski into the thick power until you see a tree that sticks out of the hill perpendicular to your path. Aim for this tree and ride it like a rail, doing a double Misty character Uber through the 3x for about 90K. After you land, push select and it will place you on the shortcut where you would have landed had you taken that red sign into the forest.

Do Ubers over the jumps, first one a char uber, second a hand in hand, third one a char uber. Once you reach the very last jump, you can either grind the two parallel branches and boost off the end for an orange or jump off the cliff for a yellow. Take the branches, and as you ski on them, use the right analog stick to sway to the left and jump off into the orange off the end doing a character uber and land on the normal track.

Ahead you will see an orange snowflake off a yellow ramp. Get good air here and do two character Ubers through the orange for about K. Land, and immediately cut to the right through the red sign. Cut through the red sign and boost to the very end of the shortcut and catch the red snowflake. Go down the shortcut and hit the real scoring point of this race, the halfpipe. The halfpipe consists of 4 red, 6 orange and 4 yellow snowflakes that you can get by going back and forth on the halfpipe doing 2 ubers each jump!

As you exit the shortcut, do a quick Uber through the Orange and then turn a sharp right and begin going back and forth off the ends of the halfpipe. In a previous version of this guide I made the mistake of saying to just boost off the ends of the halfpipe.

This is wrong - instead, prewind and hold boost, then jump as you go off the sides. It takes practice, but it greatly increases your score. It is difficult to describe a fixed route you should take in the halfpipe, because largely, it's completely random what route you take. Obviously you should shoot for the snowflakes, but the halfpipe is ice and it is difficult to control your route when you are boosting and getting ready to jump.

Also, don't be surprised if you hit the rail in the middle of the track - it happens all the time and is common. If it does, just head up one side and begin navigating the halfpipe again. Generally, I was able to hit three snowflakes each time for sure - the beginning orange, the yellow on the immediate other side, and the final red at the end. Every other snowflake I got was completely random, so keep trying until you get a fantastic run. You must exit the halfpipe with at least 45 seconds to be able to finish the race in time. There is a red snowflake on the edge of the horizontal loop-de-loop, good luck in getting it, it's difficult.

Do an Uber off the end at the jump, and boost your way to the end. If you are good you can get 2 million on this course! If you get lucky, you can get above 2. My strategy is to slow down after landing the first step, stay as close as you can to the wall on the right on the first corner, and go full speed straight at the x5, it takes some practice. Do a R1 uber followed by R2 uber over the sign and into the x5.

Stay to the left do an R1 or R2 uber into x2, then take next jump into x3 doing R1 then R2 uber combo. Get on the rail on the right, keep the board straight and hold turbo. You can go up the hill, do an uber into the x2, land on the mine rails, and do a double misty experimental off the rails. Finally, ahead of you is a split in the path, with a 5x multiplier on the left hand path. Go slowly, go up on the median a bit, then turn sharply across the path, up the bank on the left hand side, and jump while doing an R1 uber. You will either: a go up and come down fine. If this happens, don't panic!

You'll probably be bouncing, and slowly moving forward. Tilt your board so that you're bouncing at a 45 degree angle, and eventually it should bounce you onto the ground. It is only if you stop bouncing that it will auto-reset you. And you can usually do spins while it's bouncing you for extra points. That red multiplier is usually good for an extra 80k. I skip the next x2 and head for the x5 - get some speed and jump last second off the little hill on the left before the x5, after landing set up for the next x5. Do a small jump double misty with L1 uber into next x5, right to the left after the previous x5.

Do a quick uber into the next x2, with enough speed you can do an R1 uber followed by R2 uber through the second x2.

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